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Pehla Scratch

Are you excited about your newly purchased car? Yes, you must be very excited about the new asset. But sometimes it happens, that, maybe because of some negligence or someone else’s carelessness, your newly owned car accidentally gets its ‘Pehla Scratch’. You must be worried about the beauty and finish of the car…yes it makes it look dull and a reason for stealing your happiness. But you need not worry about such issues, we at Beeaar are always at your service to provide quality services in all car-related servicing issues. We are offering free services to help you cure your ‘Pehla Scratch’ and assure you that these can be fixed easily.

We have all the necessary tools and technologies to get rid of such problems without leaving a sign of these. We will also guide you about the care and precautions you need to take so that it should not reoccur. At Beeaar, we are determined to provide you with the best services to make your car scratch free and retain its shining as it was. Though you are required to spend a lot to get your car scratch free, as per our policy we are committed to providing the first service in all aspects free of cost. We thank you for your trust and confidence in our services and assure you of our continual professional services at all times. You just look after your emotional health related to your car and leave all other technical issues on us. We are here to solve these on priority and bring the smiles of our customers back. Beeaar is committed to quality, committed to you.

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