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BR Sewa
The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the whole world dramatically in terms of psychological as well as physical health, economic breakdown and many more such factors. The spread of the virus kept rolling around the world in an uncontrolled manner. At Beeaar, we are always ready to join hands to face such adversities and started a little initiative to help fight the virus. Through 'BR Sewa', we have provided free car sanitization services for all the brands totally free of cost. We at Beeaar, believe that with this little initiative we too could contribute to fighting the virus and make the surfaces of cars free of virus and safe to move on without further spread of the virus. Disinfecting a car is not as simple as just cleaning, it needs professional expertise.

At Beeaar, we are proud of our professionals, who are on their toes to provide quality services at all times. We have a team of dedicated professionals to serve our customers. Sanitization of cars is very helpful to prevent the spread of viruses and also keeps people moving to earn their livelihood as well as keeps them moving ahead to contribute to the economy of the country. We believe that, in difficult times, everyone should come forward and join hands in creating a better society for all. 'BR Sewa' succeeded in its aim with our team's expertise and continuous zeal to serve society.
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