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Let Her Fly Back

we are eager to provide them with the facility to join us again on a priority basis. We appreciate their desire to work with us again and join hands to move ahead on the path to achieve our vision of progressing together. With this little effort, Beeaar is looking forward to a bright future for the women workforce and encourages our ex woman employees to work towards achieving their dreams and creating a better place for themselves in society as well.

Their experience and skills are indeed the real assets of the company and their re-joining the company would not only encourage them to live a fulfilled life and productive lives but also lead to great results for the benefit of the company in minimal time. At Beeaar, the “Let Her Fly Back” facility is the support system to motivate the women workforce to reach their full potential despite any adversities. It is really important for women's self-esteem and society. We believe that life is full of challenges and every woman is strong enough to rebuild their career and can stand on their feet, and support their family through their working capabilities.

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