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About Beeaar Group

Serving the needs of customers when it comes to automobiles, the Beeaar Group has created its own niche in the market. Since its inception, our enduring associations with global car brands and trustworthy relationships with customers have led to us become a leading auto-dealer in Uttar Pradesh & Uttarakhand. As one of the oldest and most progressive auto dealers, the Beeaar Group has established itself as a customer-focused brand in Uttar Pradesh & Uttarakhand. Working on the principles of professional integrity and transparency, we have earned the trust and built relationships with some of the world’s largest carmakers, customers and associates. Our focus on employee satisfaction, as well as quick response towards meeting customer demands, have helped us positing ourselves for further growth in the market. In a deal-driven market, the Beeaar Group is the only car dealer that converts transactions into relationships. We have become a brand to reckon with, as we truly understand the real value of a car with its owner. Whether you are looking for a trusted buying experience, a commitment to deliver customer satisfaction, or best-in-class after-sales service, Beeaar Group is the way to go.

Key sectors served by Beeaar Group

At the Beeaar Group, we aim to become the most progressive, customer-focused, future-oriented auto dealership in our operating markets.


We build lifelong relationships by continually strengthening the trust placed in us by our customers, principals, associates and employees, and delighting them with every interaction.


As the foremost auto-dealer of UP and Uttarakhand’s, we attribute our success to the loyal patronage of esteemed customers. But more than that, we are supported by an excellent, dedicated team that imbibe the core values that propels us forward.

Our World of Relationships
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